Hard Kombucha

Adventure Pack

6% ABV 12 oz 6 Cans

You asked, we listened! Introducing the Adventure Pack! Now, no matter where you are - you can have a taste of all Luna Bay's regionally-inspired flavors.

What's in this pack?

Huckleberry Basil: Yerba Mate Tea, Mulberries, Huckleberries, Basil.

Watermelon Sea Salt: Yerba Mate Tea, Watermelon, Sea Salt.

Grapefruit Jalapeño: Yerba Mate Tea, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Jalapeño.

145 calories, 6 grams carbohydrates

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Better-for-you, real ingredients & less sugar

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All Good Stuff

Naturally fermented to 6% ABV


What's In The Pack?

12 oz / 6% ABV

Juicy, semi-tart watermelon with a pinch of salt. Watermelon Sea Salt was envisioned as a redolent, refreshing flavor, with a blend of fresh melon, pinch of sweet sea salt, and Luna Bay’s signature Yerba Mate tea base, creating an elevated taste profile unlike any other

12 oz / 6% ABV

Bring the heat with a splash of ruby red grapefruit and a kick of fresh jalapeño. Dive into the summer heat with a fresh booch to pair with wide open spaces, endless bright days, and groovy night moves. Stay wild, ya'll.

12 oz / 6% ABV

Our Summer seasonal booch celebrates adventure with earthy notes and a splash of mountain berries. Crafted with Luna Bay ambassador Jedidiah Jenkins, this flavor was inspired by stories of Jed’s travels to the mountains and brought to life with his hand drawn basil and berry illustrations.